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    Skills oriented program designed for rapid advancement      Job placement program      Small classes with much personal attention      Hebrew grammar      Aramaic grammar      All backgrounds welcomed      Connection with world renowned Jerusalem Yeshivah      Life coaching    And much much more! 

About us


Kollel Nefesh HaChaim
provides an intensive, highly skills-oriented program of one to three years, including Hebrew and Aramaic grammar, for young married Torah students. The Kollel is English speaking and based in Jerusalem.

Our institution is designed for late starters and less advanced students who no longer belong in the conventional baal teshuva program, but are not yet ready to take the next step. Kollel Nefesh HaChaim helps to save many young men and women from falling into the gap that lies between these two worlds, and stand them solidly on their own two feet. As our logo says: "Simply bridging the gap!"

Our unique job placement program, guides our students (most of them university graduates) to careers in computing, engineering and other fields as well as advanced rabbinical programs. Many students resume their careers, but now go out to the working world with competence and confidence in their learning.

Financially independent, yet within the domain (physically and spiritually) of the yeshiva of Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg זצוק"ל in Jerusalem, we offer students a unique opportunity to integrate into mainstream society.

News of Kollel Nefesh Hachaim

Chanukah Party

our recent siyum
Click on either "listen" or "download" of the following shiurim. More shiurim can be found on the Shmooze page.

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Opening to Gemora Bava Kamma Chapter 3 HaManiach
Rabbi Yaakov Rabin

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Contolling One's Mind To Be Happy
Rav Zelig Pliskin

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Matan Torah and Bircas HaTorah
Rabbi Yisroel Berl

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Rav Shatz - Israeli Soldiers and Current Events
Rabbi Yehuda Shatz

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The Key to Understanding Yetzias Mitzraim
Rav Rokach
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